"I do what I understand from this world." For Su Bo, it has been a very close relationship between his life and works, and he shapes his thoughts from clay. Nature endows all of us with imagination and energy expression liberation by instinct. Each of Su Bo´s works is more like a stage where the guy wearing sailor´s striped shirt is himself. Thorough hard efforts, he carves out a shining space that there are no rules and restrictions. He says: "Sometimes I feel to look at myself in a mirror in front of my works; they always feed back a lot more spiritual nutrient." Su Bo´s experiences and thoughts are all reflected in such a world. He`susing simple skills and trying to reach as closely as possible to the idealism and purity. The works blur imaginary and real worlds, and the artist gains more joviality than before in such creations.

Su Bo would like to continue the narration for ever. "It has been a difficult journey to art, where the most challenge is how to win against the own self."

Gong Ming Chun